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Thread: Rare RED 1992 Ducati 900SS Superlight MkII

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    Default Rare RED 1992 Ducati 900SS Superlight MkII

    Rare RED 1992 Ducati 900SS Superlight MkII otherwise known as a 900SL or 900SS/
    For Sale, Ultra rare RED 1992 Ducati 900SS Superlight MkII otherwise known as a 900SL or 900SS/SL. #70 of 755 in the world, the only one in the US. $7500

    These bikes weren't imported into the US, an Air Force pilot brought it home with him from Italy in 1994. It was properly imported, I have the paperwork and a clean Maryland title for it. This bike still has a European speedometer that only shows kilometers. Even has the dealership key chain and stickers from the Italian dealership.

    To me the 900SS Superlight MkII is between the yellow US Superlight and the SS/SP. It has all the carbon bits, the single seat, full floating rear caliper and the high pipes of the SL with the SS/SP wheels and the non- cast iron rotors of the standard SS. So the look and all the bling and lightness of the SL without the quirky, high maintenance wheels and front rotors.

    This bike had been parked for over a decade when I got it last year, but she is done resting now and wants to be ridden! I've taken her on a few 100+ mile rides and she feels like a dream. Everything feels nice and tight like it should. I've had nine 900cc Ducatis and this one has lowest mileage, you can feel how right everything is.

    This bike is stock, crazy stock, the only non-original parts are the new Dunlopad brake pads, front braided brake lines, 900SS/FE seat support brackets ( OEM parts), tires, rear sprocket and a trimmed airbox top (bike comes with a stock top also).

    I had the lowers re-painted and re-stickered at Duc Pond Motorsports (Ducati Winchester), these guys do great work, everything matches very well.

    This is a rare bike in very, very good shape. I spared no expense getting it going again. It will make someone very happy. It looks incredible. I decided to leave the dealership and the "Bella" stickers put on by the previous owner, I didn't want to hurt the soul of bike. The previous owner loved this bike, I don't think it's ever been in the rain. The paint on the wheels and frame look almost like new, the red paint and the bodywork shine with only a few tiny stone chips, the aluminum parts have very little oxidation, the hugger has a small nick. I would say cosmetically it's a 8.75 out 10, mechanically it's a 9.5 out of 10. The worst flaw is the peeling paint on the left engine cover, very typical of these bikes.
    I spent almost $2000 on this bike not including labor, she is ready to ride, or park in your living room, either way she is appreciating by the day. I would say she is the rarest red Super Sport in the US.

    I did a lot of work bringing it back to life:

    Cleaned the inside of the tank (but didn't seal it, it looks like new), installed new gas cap ring seal
    Cleaned the carbs, replaced and few gaskets and jets
    Replaced fuel lines
    Installed OEM timing belts
    Replaced spark plugs
    Changed oil with Amsoil full synthetic
    Checked Valves, all within specs
    Installed new Michelin Pilot Powers
    Checked and lubed all bearings
    Replaced brake pads with Dunlopads
    Flushed and bled brake and clutch hydraulic systems with high end ATE fluid
    New muffler mount bushings
    Installed all new OEM fairing hardware, bolts and plastic washers
    Re-painted and stickered side fairings
    New OEM seat and bump pad, nice, sot and not cheap
    Install seat support brackets from a 900SS/FE (takes the riders weight off the body work)
    New Voltage regulator / rectifier
    New OEM style Yuasa battery
    I checked the frame and swing-arm welds, they look solid.
    The bike is in Boone North Carolina, it has 20,559 Kilometers (12,774 miles). The VIN is ZDM906SC2008267. $7500 or trade for cool, early 90's era sportbikes.
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