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Thread: 2019 Big Chill fastest 250 in qld.

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    Default 2019 Big Chill fastest 250 in qld.

    Finally after a few catastrophic failures (see pic of one such) , kept ripping the tips of valves due to a small problem with E=MC sqd and 14000 rpm, success! The 57 year old little lady now holds street cred as the fastest 250 in its class in Qld. Next its The Island Classic at Phillip Island. Next year its nationals at Morgan Park and were in with a shot at the title.
    Even though I wasnt there to tune for the track, the boys managed to struggle through adversity and ignorance and get one race in an average state of tune. Pete got to play with a Norton 500 quite successfully with the rev limiter set at 10500 rpm.
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    Nice one, do you have pic of bike? BTW we are heading down to PI for Island Classic in jan as well. Taking 851. cheers

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