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Looking for Lucchinelli Replica Windshield

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  • jgautney
    Junior Member
    • Dec 2014
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    Looking for Lucchinelli Replica Windshield

    Hi all, I know it's long shot but would anyone have a Lucchinelli Windshield laying around or have a source for one? I believe, but not 100 percent sure, it was the same tall windscreen as the kit bike. I could be mistaken though. The screen from top to bottom is a little over 13 inches and wider as opposed to the street version that is roughly 12. Any help or lead would be greatly appreciated.
    The numbers on the screen are M2 10 AS6
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  • lochnagar
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    • Oct 2007
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    Lucchinelli windshield / screen

    Aye Sir,
    Did you ever get a replacement screen ?
    I have a Lucci. Rep., Tricolore 851 KIT S and Tricolore 851 Strada, all three have the same screen.

    Peter Edwards can supply but without the Cagiva Elephant and numbers embossed on it.

    Screens For Bikes
    We're an experienced Australian manufacturer of quality motorcycle windshield replacements for a wide range of motorcycles.

    Ph: +61 3 9469 3192
    Mb: +61 4 12 102 029

    Peter Edwards
    152 Leamington Street
    Reservoir, 3073
    Victoria, Australia


    • outtacontrolla
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      • Dec 2008
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      I have a supplier in France for them with the elephant marking , just had two for mine !
      Get yer twins out !