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  • DezmoDog
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    • Jun 2015
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    Out in the wild

    The 851 got it's first day in the sun for the season yesterday. My 888 owning buddy suggested we head out so we put about 100 miles on them just poking around. At this stop one guy took a few pictures and struck up a conversation. Turns out we were at some of the same races at BIR back when the 851 was a current bike. Another guy saw us pull into town and came to see if the bikes were what he thought they were. Turns out there are people out there who still remember these!

    That 888 should look familiar to at least one member here.
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    1991 851 Strada
  • RWG
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    • Dec 2007
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    How could you forget
    If i came across this image to great bikes When out and about I would be overjoyed.
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    • Whitto1
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      • Dec 2009
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      out and about

      They're are out there,, went for a Sunday run on Rosa ( Strada888) and in the next village coffee shop was another, then later I find # 280 SP3 in bits in the next residing in my barn........
      keep looking....
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      • 900SL
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        • Aug 2008
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        Lucky find