I decided to start a new thread for the engine rebuild and conversion to 888. So far I have put in 34mm inlet valves in the 748 drop cam heads. Cleaned up the combustion chambers and inlet ports. Matched the inlet manifolds to the ports. Fitted new bearings to the crank cases.
7307 2TB
7207 2ETN
6305 C3
NJ203 ECP C3
6004 C3
Last week I measured the crank for nasties and found it to be perfect except for a 0.015mm wobble at the alternator end, but I'm not going to quibble about that. Journal is 41.998mm. The will be set up with 0.05mm crush, in this case 0.16mm of shim each side. The three bond gasket is given 0.03mm thickness.
Today I began fitting the monster S4 gearbox US$120 (it's close ratio with a 5mm longer out put shaft that the sprocket sits on). The gear end floats were all with in limits except the 3&4th idle gear on the secondary shaft. The book says a max of 0.25mm and I had 0.65mm. I did try to squeeze in another thrust washer,but it bound it up, and as I really didn't want to grind one down I left it as it is.
So far I have set the end floats. Primary is 0.13mm, secondary is 0.15mm, and the clutch drum is 0.27mm. I have also begun setting the selector forks, with the primary being done first. Its a bit tricky, but easy once you have grasped the idea that the dog gears drag the gear into engagement and you can sit there and look at the way it works. I have 0.07mm clearance on both selections between the fork and slot in the gear. So I'm happy about that as well. Next week I'll do the secondary shaft.
This week my other parts should arrive. I'm getting a set of Corrillo rods, and S4/ST4s cams. I was trying to find a set of 996sps cams, but I couldn't be bothered waiting for a cheap set. The second hand cams cost US$120. I believe they will give me the torque increase I want (Thanks Brad) considering the rev range I'll be operating in, and still have enough air going through to get me to 10000 rpm comfortably due to the slightly larger valves.
I have the Ducati performance lightened flywheel, and the S4 gear selector mechanism and jockey wheel for the end of the drum, and an oil cooler from a monster that cost nothing as its slightly damaged. I'm also eyeballing a radial brake master cylinder.
All in all I think it will be an alright package. I intend to run it for a couple of years then fit the 900ss crank I think. That should keep me amused for a while.